Rockin’ Retro Rink rolls into town!

Fox Hollow has experience an expontential growth over the last 20 years. However, some things will never go out of style! After new anonymous ownership bought out the old, run down roller rink, a new construction team swarmed the building and began working on updating and bringing to life the once popular hotspot. A new mini-golf was added to the old over grown front lawn and a outdoor snack bar was implemented to allow families to spend quality time outdoors. Inside, young and old alike can indulge in pizza, milkshakes and music as they move on and off the roller rink floor. Dancing to the hottest tracks under neon lights always brings the summer nostalgia year round. The Retro Rink is known for hosting decades nights, ladies nights and fun parties for all ages. Open from 5pm-1am daily except for most major holidays and during severe weather. Now go, enjoy yourself at the Retro Rink!

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