Crime and Jail Rules

Crime & Jail rules

A. Crime & Police

  1. Fox Hollow is a roleplay sim in a modern town. Crime happens. Civilian characters when IC should not be immune to being victims of a crime, but in specific circumstances can ask not to be approached by criminals such as being uncomfortable with the RP topic.
  2. Criminals should be realistic in their actions and RP. Including having realistic reasons for becoming a criminal. Rich characters generally would require a very good reason for turning to a life of crime when they already have anything they can reasonably want. Turning to crime is generally a last resort for the downtrodden.
  3. Police/Government Corruption is permitted as long as the public safety manager is made aware of it OOCly. It should be within reason; cutting deals now and then for friends or mob bosses is OK, kidnapping people for the mob likely not so much.
  4. Heads of departments, such as the Sheriff, Mayor, Chief Justice and District Attorney should not be corrupt.
  5. Criminals for a life of crime can face consequences, such as lengthy prison terms and even character death. Their actions should be realistic in reflecting this and fearing the consequences.
  6. Major events such as bank robberies, explosions, any act of terrorism and fires in public buildings require administrative approval in writing prior to occurance. Contact the Roleplay Team for this approval.
  7. Military grade weaponry, such as high explosives, armored vehicles, machine guns, armor piercing firearms, rocket launchers, etc requires administrative approval. This does not apply to non-NFA civilian firearms, including semi automatic rifles.
  8. Crimes against a person’s property (House or business) require OOC consent, including setting OOC or IC fire. This can be from a “Yes roleplay” sign (Inferred consent) or a direct permission (Direct consent)
    1. It should be assumed that there is NPCs and Security Cameras in all government buildings unless a notice is sent otherwise, these NPCs would witness any crime that occurs and contact the authorities with the proper camera footage.
  9. All crime must be actual; We don’t arrest people because “I want arrested”, you need to commit an actual crime in Fox Hollow. Special circumstances such as outstanding warrants, wanted in another jurisdiction, may be considered on a case by case basis.

B. Jail Out of Character Rules

The following are OOC rules that may require admin intervention if you violate.

  1. Fox Hollow currently operates a small jail within the Sheriff’s Office.
  2. The following RP activities are expressly prohibited in the jail out of respect for other players (Most of the jail complex is within chat range of the public city-county building)
    1. Sexual assault of any kind (Cat calling or other roughhousing may not automatically fall into this category as it is typically expected in a prison environment, but there’s a clear line that shouldn’t be crossed) 
    2. Torture
    3. Extreme violence (Beat downs and violence are fine, graphically detailing ripping someone’s fingers off isn’t)
    4. Toilet/shower anything. No one wants to read a /me of you using the toilet when 20 people are roleplaying downstairs.
    5. Any troll like /me’s clearly intent on distracting other roleplayers. Be mindful the jail sits on top of a very popular civilian/public safety roleplay area.
    6. If you must roleplay any of the above between OOCly consenting parties in the jail, take it to IM’s for the roleplay.
  3. It should always be assumed there are at least two NPC deputies on duty in the jail at all times, who will react accordingly to violence or etc. Use the inmate pagers in the jail to request real deputies/officers if a situation requires it.
  4. The NPC or IC deputies will let people out of their cells for recreation time, food, etc.
  5. Payphones are available with your phone call before booking and the payphones in the jail area. These phones are recorded and you must hand over chat logs of any IC conversations if requested.
    1. Collect Call Payphone Prompt (Should open up payphone-based conversations with this for immersion)
      1. This is a collect call from Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, Inmate (INSERT INMATE NAME). Please press 1 to accept the charges and this phone call. If you do not wish to receive phone calls from this inmate, press 2 to be placed on this inmate’s no-call list.
  6. Most people in the jail are pre-trial, awaiting bail of some kind. Here’s the rules for bail:
    1. Any arrest for a Misdemeanor (i.e, Drunk Driving) without a warrant can automatically get bail from a NPC judge. You just say you want to bail out, the arresting officer gives you a RP money amount, and you can bail out there or RP in jail until trial.
    2. Any arrest for a Felony, or any arrest based on an arrest warrant regardless of felony or misdemeanor requires a judge to approve bail. This may be automatic; you’ll be notified of the amount, or in more serious cases may require a bail hearing. The courts system will work with you on this.
    3. Bail may be denied in certain circumstances, for example, violent felons may be denied bail, and flight risks may be denied bail. For example, non Fox Hollow residents may be denied bail since you may flee the county to avoid trial if you’re released.
  7. When sentenced, you may be sentenced to serve time or released on time served depending on the severity of the charges
  8. RP Jail Sentences are divided down in the following formula. One year IC = one day OOC someone sentenced to 7 years in prison ICly, this is 7 days OOCly. This does not apply to people in jail pending i.e bail hearings who should be counted in real time:
    1. 2 IRL Hours = 1 IC Month
    2. 24 IRL Hours = 1 IC Year
  9. Players are expected to reasonably age their characters as is feasible for prison/jail sentences. Someone who was convicted to 10 years when they are 19 years old should not be 19 years old when they leave jail.

C. Jail In-Character Rules

This is just a list of IC Jail policies/rules that can land you in trouble with authorities for violating.

  1. Physical Contact Prohibited – Inmates will not make physical contact with other inmates or deputies/officers unless specifically instructed to do so by officers. This includes no fighting, no touching, and no romantic gestures, even among consensual partners.
    1. Contact sports (such as the basketball hoops on the rooftop) may be exempted from the no-contact rule, but participating in these activities is a privilege that can be revoked.
  2. Follow All Directives – Inmates will follow all lawful commands from any law enforcement officer on the block. Inmates should follow these commands without insult, undue question, or disobedience.
  3. Gang Affiliation Prohibited – Inmates will not associate with, identify with, or meet as part of any gang affiliated groups or organizations.
  4. Visitation – Inmates are allowed unlimited phone calls in the cell block as a privilege, but this can be revoked for poor behavior. Physical visitation with family or friends is also a privilege that can be revoked; the only visitation a inmate is entitled to is with legal counsel.
  5. Respect – Inmates shall respect officers and other inmates at all times, including no insults, swearing at, offensive gestures, racist or misogynistic remarks, among others.
  6. Obey All Laws – Even if you’re in jail, you still need to follow all the laws of the street in addition to the jail’s policies.
  7. Punishments for poor behavior can include, but not limited to:
    1. Restricted to cell. The county is not obligated to provide any recreational time outside of your cell, and can revoke this for poor behavior.
    2. Restricted visitation. The county can revoke all visitation, mail, and phone calls for poor behavior with the only exemption of legal consultation.
    3. Administrative Segregation. For more severe punishments inmates may be placed in a cell 24/7 for a fixed amount of time with no contact with other inmates.