Rental Listings

Apartments & Townhouses

Apartment Buildings & Townhouses

Small Homes

One to Two Bedroom Homes, Trailers, Cabins

Large Homes

Three or More Bedrooms

Prefab Businesses

Businesses that are ready to rent and RP in, we give you a fully furnished place to run for a lower price than a empty storefront!

Empty Storefronts

Want to run your own business? Don’t like the prefab’s available? Well here is your blank canvas!

More Options and Views

Rentals by Region

NOTICE: All of the Below Regions are Part of Fox Hollow and are connected together, theses are simply divided into the In-Character Geographic Areas within the Community, Such as Cities, State Parks, and Towns.

Don’t See a Rental you like in this vast directory? Saw that one that made you go “OMG. I Just Can’t Even”? Want to know when one fitting your needs becomes available? You can fill out a waitlist form by clicking the button below. (Note we recommend reaching out to the rental team via inworld group or support ticket on Discord, telling them what you need and they may be able to help you before you go fill out the waitlist form)