Getting Started

Getting Started, Welcome on in!

Nestled in the mountains of rural North Carolina, Fox Hollow hosts a wonderful community that strives to provide quality roleplay.

From becoming a sheriff’s deputy, a firefighter, nurse, doctor, opening your own business, going to school or being a criminal, options are nearly limitless. Fox Hollow offers a school, sheriff’s office, full hospital, fire-rescue, an government and courts system and more. Beneath the rural aesthetic and row-houses a seedy criminal element exists as well, if you can find them.

We hope you’re as excited for this project as we are, and this page should help equip you for success during your stay with us.

First Steps in Fox Hollow

Groups and Discord

We recommend joining our inworld groups and our Discord Server to ensure you have all of the most important announcements! None of these groups are invite only. Simply click the link to open it in your viewer of Choice

OOC/Land Group
IC/Roleplay Group
Fox Hollow Official Discord


Rules & Covenant

We are a pretty relaxed and fun place, however we do have some community, rental, and roleplay rules to help ensure a quality experience for everyone. Check them out below.

Driving! Cars! Vroom!

Want to drive on Fox Hollow’s Vast Road Network? We offer license plates and driver’s licenses for all Residents and Visitors.

Map? Businesses and Amenities? Check them out.

Sit on back and stay a while, check out our Rental Listings!

Check out the Commercial, State Park, Residential and tons of other Rental Listings!

Sheriff’s Office

The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office is the main law enforcement agency for Jasper County, where Fox Hollow resides.

Sheriff: Joe Garcia (josephtucker)

Fire Rescue

Jasper County Fire-Rescue provides all fire, rescue and EMS services within Jasper County.

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Jasper County District Court

The Jasper County Court System ensures a fair trial for all and due process within the county.

Chief Justice: VACANT
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Jasper County Public Works

The County Public Works oversees all of the county’s road maintenance and construction needs, including constructing and maintaining roads and snow maintenance during winter months.

Director: VACANT

Magnolia Springs Urgent Care

The Magnolia Springs Urgent Care provides acute and routine medical care for Fox Hollow residents and beyond.

Medical Director: VACANT

County Government

Providing Support to All of Jasper County, The Jasper County Consolidated Government and the Board of Commissioners act as the Legislative and Executive Branch of the County Government.


Crime Syndicate

The Fox Hollow Crime Syndicate is an OOC group that allows for relations between various criminal RPers and groups and facilitates roleplay.

OOC Crime Moderator: VACANT
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