We are looking for active Managers and Moderators to join the Team

Outreach Manager
Rental Moderator
Education Moderator
Law Enforcement Moderator

Operations Moderator
Website Moderator
Orphanage Moderator
Government Services Moderator
Medical Services Moderator
University Moderator
Blogger Moderator
Events Coordinator

Rental Moderator Job Description
  • Assists potential tenants in finding a home or business rental
  • Assists New and Existing Renters in rental related requests both inworld and on discord. 
  • Responds to rental support tickets on discord and helps completed requests such as Prim Increases, Rental Transfers, etc. 
  • Maintains Rental Listings on the Fox Hollow Website. 
  • Helps complete regular prim audits to cleanup the Regions.  
  • Occasionally assists greeting new visitors to Fox Hollow at the Welcome Center. 
  • Completes Other Tasks as Assigned by Direct Manager or Senior Sim Management/Owners.
University Moderator Job Description
  • Helps in maintaining the University System in Fox Hollow. 
  • Specalizes in one of the following: 
    • Academics – This moderator over this department will oversee the academic aspects of university life at Vandermore. They will be responsible for a multitude of duties associated with majors/minors, courses, and etc.
    • Student Life – This moderator over this department will oversee the overall quality of student life on campus! This could include housing assignment, surveys, flow of information on campus, and etc.
    • Sports & Campus Events- This moderator over this department will oversee sports and sporting events─ as well other events on campus! This could include sports team partner ships, making sure teams run well, and organizing fun and engaging events on campus for students.
  • Completes Other Tasks as Assigned by Direct Manager or Senior Sim Management/Owners.


Marketing and Events Moderator Job Description
  • Depending on the Specialty:
    • Events Coordinator – Assisting with decorating, planning, coordinating and hosting Fox Hollow’s Monthly Events. 
    • Marketing Moderator – Assists with Graphic Design Needs, making Posters, Flyers, Ads and more. 
    • Social Media Moderator – Maintains the Fox Hollow Social Media Pages on Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram. Additionally, assists with in world outreach and engagement in and out of SL. 
    • Photography Moderator – Assists in taking pictures and media of the Fox Hollow Community for things like when new builds come out on sim, larger events, seasonal changes, blog-style photos, etc.
  • Completes Other Tasks as Assigned by Direct Manager or Senior Sim Management/Owners.


Public Service/Crime/Roleplay Moderator Job Description
  • Assists with overseeing the Public Service Departments of Fox Hollow. 
  • Assists in Coordinating Large Roleplays in Fox Hollow, as well as driving roleplay for smaller events. 
  • Assists in driving Criminal Roleplay within the community and help send information on Crime Rules out. 
  • Assists in Maintaining Department of Motor Vehicles and Pilot’s Licensing and fulfilling License Plate, and License Orders. 
  • Completes Other Tasks as Assigned by Direct Manager or Senior Sim Management/Owners.


Landscaping Moderator Job Description
  • Assists in Completing Landscaping Requests Submitted by Renters forwarded by Rental Team Members. 
  • Assists in landscaping new regions as added in Fox Hollow, and renovating areas as dictated by upper management. 
  • Completes Other Tasks as Assigned by Direct Manager or Senior Sim Management/Owners.


Education Moderator Job Description
  1. Education Moderator (Registration Moderator)
    • Help Students get registered.
    • Send out Welcome Packets
    • Sort Students and Teachers into clans and let them know which one they have.
    • Help with welcoming messages in discord for each clan when they have a new student or teacher in the clan.
    • Make sure students get into discord to stay up to date
    • Help monitor tags in the discord after applications/lists are submitted.
    • Help with PTA registrations.
  2. Education Moderator (Student Life Moderator)
    • Responsible for clubs and atheltic programs
      • Also requires to help find teachers and coaches to run these.
    • Help with suggestions that may come in and work with the event coordinator as necessary
    • Getting field trips approved with another business lead, moderator, manager, etc.
    • Help students find a dorm.
    • Help Coordinate student stores.
  3. Education Moderator (Event Coordinator Moderator)
    • You will be in charge of the structure of the yearly school calendar.
    • Responsible for conducting at least 2 events per month.
    • Assist with decorating, planning, coordinating, and hosting school events.
    • Help get the IC staff to come and supprt the event by chaeproning or otherwise