Acceptable Races

Playable Species/Races

Fox Hollow allows semi-realistic furries, half furries, ferals, and humans. All non-feral characters must have no more than two arms, two legs, and semi-realistic proportions. No magic users, this is a Modern Community


If you ever want to change your race, this is equivalent to changing your character. You may, but you must wait at least 2 weeks after changing before you even consider doing so again. You must also provide a reason as to why you are doing or rp your character’s leave/death.


  1. Furries/Scalies should represent real-world Earth species and minimalize fantasy elements.
  2. Furries are typically played as having human-ish internal organs and functioning, but we do roleplay furries/scalies as their actual species, not as ‘humans in a costume’.
  3. Furry Hybrids are also allowed as long as they don’t cross more than 2 species (Ex: cabbits, cat-dogs, exc.)

Half Furries

  1. Half furries are humans with animal characteristics, such as cat ears, fox tails, or scales
  2. They’re usually roleplayed as either hybrids/mixed, or somehow modified/cosmetic.


  1. Humans are obviously allowed provided they’re within realistic dimensions.
  2. This includes realistic sizing of body parts.


  1. Animals of realistic size and proportion that are acceptable for the environment.
  2. Ferals cannot talk, reason, or act like humans

Fantasy Elemants (Elves, Vampires, etc)

  1. We don’t allow fantasy elements or magicks as a modern community. However, Elf/Vampiric body parts are fine. You just may be asked to roleplay for example elf ears as a cosmetic or modification.