Question about any section of the covenant, roleplay rules or acceptable races can be directed to General Manager Bear Black (k4p0w) in world via IM/notecard or by making a ticket on our discord server in the #administration-requests channel, by reacting to the General Support Section(Top most message in that channel)

A. Management and Scope

The Covenant of Fox Hollow, as defined here, applies to all residents, visitors, guests and citizens of the regions and community of Fox Hollow.

Ignorance or failure to read this Covenant and applicable Roleplay regulation as published on is not an excuse for failure to abide by these regulations herein.

All issues should be escalated through the appropriate chain of command, i.e, to a Moderator first, then Managers, then Community Owners. Please do not immediately message Community Managers or Owners with an issue that can be resolved by a Moderator. 

B. Definitions

  1. “Community Management” is defined as the community owners, managers, and moderators of the Fox Hollow Roleplay Community. 
  2. “Community Owners” is defined as Taissa Black (black.morningstar).
  3. “Community” is defined as all Estates, Discord Servers, Inworld Groups, Websites and all other services managed or owned by the Fox Hollow Roleplay Community. 
  4. “Estate” refers to all inworld land owned by Fox Hollow.
  5. “Fox Hollow” for the purposes of this document refers to the Community as a Entity including all Community Owners, Managers and Moderators including all staff appointed by Community Management. 
  6. “Managers” are defined as the managers hired by Community Owners to oversee the day to day operations of Fox Hollow. 
  7. “Resident”(s) refers to any person who is visiting the Community.
  8. “Tenant”(s) refers to any Resident renting property from Fox Hollow. 
  9. “Fox Hollow Covenant” shall refer to this document, the Roleplay Rules, Aviation Rules, Crime and Jail rules, and any other document referenced within. 
  10. “RP Safe Haven” and “Roleplay Safe Haven” is referred to as an area where any controversial topics and/or roleplay of a criminal or of morally unbecoming nature requires explicit approval of Community Management.

C. Rights of Management

  1. Community Management has the right to change the rules and policies list at any time. You understand it is your responsibility to remain current with our rules and regulations as they are posted and will be held accountable as such.
  2. Community Management has the final decision in terms of all disciplinary actions and is never arguable at the time of issuance. All appeals must be submitted to its designated staff member for review stating the reasons and evidence to support your case.
  3. Community Management reserves the right to revoke all privileges, rights, and positions you may have acquired during your time at any time without prior notice
  4. Community Management reserves the right to evict any Tenants without refunding any Lindens or other currency paid upon violation of any of the rules listed within the Fox Hollow Covenant or associated Policies.
  5. Community Management reserves the right to use chat transcripts that were sent in: Local Chat, Instant Messages sent directly to Community Management, sent between Residents that was forwarded to Community Management for the use of investigation into issues reported to the Community Management. As a business, we promise that these transcripts are not shared outside of Community Management, and parties involved.
  6. Community Management reserves the authority to regulate, establish, decertify and moderate official “Fox Hollow” groups, as defined below. No individual or group may create a “Fox Hollow” official group without permission from Community Management. An official list of certified Groups follows:
    1. .:Fox Hollow:.
    2. Fox Hollow Roleplay Group
    3. Fox Hollow Crime Syndicate
    4. Jasper County Sheriff’s Office
    5. Jasper County Fire Department
    6. Fox Hollow Government
    7. Magnolia Springs Medical Center
    8. Fox Hollow Gardening Collective
    9. City of Port Dominion – Metro Police
    10. Foxwood Academy
    11. Jasper County District Court
    12. Jasper County Port Authority
    13. Vandermore University
    14. ~ Hearth ~

D. Community Rules Generalized

  1. All public areas in the estate are explicitly considered In Character areas. Use of a Visible OOC Group Tag or Attachable Object will render an individual Resident OOC, however, this only counts if the Resident is not in a vehicle.
  2. Common Courtesy – While on Fox Hollow Regions, in Fox Hollow servers, and in Fox Hollow Groups, Residents are expected to act and behave in ways that are courteous and respectful to others views. Residents should avoid public statements (including group tags or avatars) that represent hateful, politically extreme, racist, homophobic, religiously zealous or otherwise potentially offensive views.
  3. Within all Groups, Regions, Discord Servers, and Sites, Residents are expected to be courteous and respectful to others at all times. This includes refraining from  asking others for Lindens, gifts, currency of any sort, etc.
  4. Due to privacy regulations, Community Management is generally unable to generally administer private chats between two residents. Use block functions instead. If the private chats are considered to violate Community Covenant, exceptions may be enacted.
  5. Fox Hollow Anti-Poaching Policy
    1. Recruitment for other communities, including other Second Life Communities and other general communities, is not permitted in public chats without Community Management approval. Talking in private messages is not regulated, though simply going down user-lists to spam recruitment messages will not be tolerated.
    2. Anyone within Fox Hollow that is found to be caught poaching, i.e. representing another establishment by offering jobs, rentals, etc. may be banned from Fox Hollow regions.  
    3. If Residents of Fox Hollow are found to be caught going to other regions and communities poaching Residents for Fox Hollow, this will also result in a ban on a case by case basis.
  6. Any public chat, voice, etc posted in a public Fox Hollow channel, regardless of location, may be used by Community Management in the investigation of complaints, reports, etc.
  7. Blocking Community Management conducting official business is explicitly prohibited, doing so may result in a warning or escalate to a temporary or permanent ban. 
  8. Gesture spamming, emote spamming, incessant shouting and other disturbances will not be tolerated in public areas.
  9. Child Avatars are allowed within the Community, provided they do not engage in adult content and do not enter adult areas (see below) as well as the Fox Hollow Roleplay Rules on Child Avatars.
  10. Content and Maturity Ratings – The Community and Estate has a  “Moderate” rating. As a general rule, Residents must abide by the regulations set forth under this Moderate tag in Linden Lab’s Community Guidelines, Terms of Service and other appropriate documents, and the interpretation of them as below. Certain areas may individually be set to an “Adult” rating. Child Avatars are not permitted in these areas.
    1. No Adult Objects/Items/Activities of any Sexual Nature are permitted in Public Areas of the Community. Public Areas for this purpose are defined as any areas that is not on a Parceled Off Residential Home that has Parcel Privacy On so that people outside the parcel will not see Avatars and Chat in Local. This includes Adult Objects such as Sex Toys, Equipment, etc.
    2. Child Avatars should follow recommendations in the Child Avatar Section of the Roleplay Rules linked at the end of this document.
    3. Sim Management retains complete discretion of what is considered adult content. As stated above, decisions are final at the time, and should not be argued with the Sim Management Member at the time of the decision.
  11. Voice Chat is disabled across the community and is only permitted on private  residential parcels. Voice Chat is not to be used to roleplay at any time and is not a requirement for roleplay within the Community. Anything said via voice in world or via Discord or other platform is never considered in character under any circumstances and can be considered metagaming. 
  12. Refunds for various services are always in the discretion of management, and are usually only granted in circumstances in which we can’t provide a service anymore.
  13. Flying is not permitted by any Resident with the exception of Community Management in the performance of their duties. Flying with planes, helicopters, etc and should not be rezzed in the community unless by Public Service departments with permission from Department Heads/Management Staff or by persons issued a license pursuant to the Aviation Rules.
  14. Community Events – Community Ran Events(Run By the Fox Hollow Events Team), are considered “RP Safe Haven”s as defined in the first section of this covenant, meaning the use of weapons, underage drinking, harassment IC or OOCly is not acceptable at any point in time.
  15. Community Management sets prim limits and script usage limits for properties around the Community. Further punishment may be indicated if the user either refuses to reply or is obviously griefing.
    1. Rental Properties are limited to the  prim amount set on your rental box. For Non Homestead Regions, This amount usually can be increased pursuant to the Rental Regulations set forth in Article E of this Covenant. 
  16. Government positions, such as Law Enforcement, Paramedics, Firefighters, Judges,, etc, are decided by the respective Department Heads. Residents may not claim to be any of those groups falsely, or as military/federal personnel and other select groups such as foreign diplomats or celebrities, without Community Management permission. Individuals who do this may be ICly interpreted as impersonating those groups.
    1. The only exception to this rule are various off-sim “Mutual Aid” groups as called by the appropriate on-sim group.
    2. Residents may not operate Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Departments, Rescue Departments, or Medical Facilities without prior permission from Community Management, with the only exception being above. 
  17. “Camming” other players consistently is not permitted, particularly on private land and in adult rated areas. Community Management is exempt from this rule only in the performance of official duties.
  18. No systems that attack, bite or cause damage to other players in other systems unless approved by Community Management. HUDS or other Systems that are found to be in violation of this rule may result in banning of the owner or other disciplinary actions. 
  19. The Community has certain rules regarding playable characters within the Estate, some rules are listed below, however, this is not all inclusive, so please refer to the Fox Hollow Acceptable Races Policy for more information. In the event of a discrepancy between the below rules on races, the Acceptable Races Policy shall be considered the more accurate policy. 
    1. Playable intelligent characters may be either humans or anthros/furries. 
    2. All Characters must have realistic dimensions and strengths. 12 foot tall superhumans will not be accepted. 
    3. Anthros/Furries must have realistic dimensions, strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities comparable to those of a human. 
    4. Anthros/Furries must be based on a species currently on modern day Earth, though color variations are generally accepted. Half Furries are acceptable. 
    5. Ferals are acceptable as non-speaking animals. 
    6. Shapeshifters, fantasy creatures, magic users, vampires, etc are not permitted. 
  20. Community Management has a right to enter private parcels in the performance of their official staff duties with notification to the renter. 

E. Rental Rules

  1. Within the Community, various residential and commercial properties may be rented. The ability for Residents to rent these areas is a privilege, not a right, and it may be denied by Community Management as needed.
  2. Rent and Tier Prices are subject to change based on region prices and cost values, as such Community Management may change these prices at any time. 
  3. Community Management attempts to ensure individual rentals have their own “parcel” for privacy, however due to various factors this may not always be possible. If the property does not already have a parcel, generally, we will be unable to make one for you.
  4. House Swapping – “House Swapping”, aka swapping out the existing house or business for a custom model provided by a Tenant, is generally allowed, but may be denied on a case-by-case basis for reasons such as extreme Land Impact, or not fitting the area. For example, a sprawling post-modern house would generally not be approved in Foxwood as the historic side of town. Check with Community Management before buying any houses. No refunds will be offered if your custom building is denied. All House Swaps must have a minimum of 4 weeks of time remaining on the rental before the physical house will be placed down. There is no exceptions to this rule ever. It takes a lot to go and do the new landscaping, house placements, etc for each thing, and this ensures it can be worth our time.
  5. Commercial Modifications – Fox Hollow limits the customization of commercial rentals in several ways including but not limited to:
    1. Prefab/Prefurnished Businesses may not have items removed or replaced unless 3 weeks are on the rental, and within staff discretion.
    2. All Commercial Rentals will not be allowed to have changes to doors(garage doors, entry doors, etc) and can not be replaced by the renter.
  6. Security Orbs/Ban Devices/Ejection Devices – Ban Orbs/Security Orbs are not permitted anywhere within the community. If a resident is on your rental in a non in-character manner, please contact Community Management and they can be ejected, warned, or banned from your parcel if available as an option at the time. 
  7. Spy Devices/Chat Loggers/Listener Devices – These types of devices are not allowed within Fox Hollow to ensure privacy of all residents and to ensure compliance with Linden Lab Community Standards, Terms of Service and Privacy Regulations.
  8. All Commercial Rentals are considered “In Character” all the time, and as such must contain some form of In Character Business. This does not prohibit a renter from selling say clothes or other objects for a OOC Linden Charge, however they must be open to people roleplaying shopping there, etc. 
  9. All Residential Rentals are assumed IC without a sign specifically marking them as OOC areas. Residences marked as OOC can not be used for passive OR active crime. If crime is being committed within the property and there is an OOC sign out front, the crime voids the OOC sign and the residence can be considered IC.
  10. Skyboxes are prohibited for all residents. Skyboxes may only be rezzed for official purposes by Management
  11. Abandonment Clause: If residents leave their house with 100 or less prims and do not respond, or 3 days or less are remaining on your rental, and it appears you are not going to renew your rental, Management reserves the right to evict and remove your stuff.
  12. In order to provide a better experience for all residents, we are forced to limit some systems that are poorly optimized or have high script times & memory usage. These restrictions are as follows:
    1. – BeYou Furniture is limited to 3 BeYou Furniture Items/Appliances per rental. More will result in you being contacted and asked to pick up the items, or them being returned if you fail to do so.
    2. BeYou Farming & DFS Farming is limited to 2 Soil Plots per rental.
    3. You may have no more than 2 Animals/Objects that are considered “Breedables” per rental.
    4. Animesh and Prim Babies are allowed, however please be considerate of your neighbors when leaving them rezzed out, they can be loud and SL’s sound system allows them to be heard half a sim away if you don’t have parcel privacy and sounds restricted to parcel(You can make a rental ticket to get these enabled)
    5. Teegle and Other Horses/Pets may be rezzed out, however we limit these to 4 per Rental Property. You may *temporarily* exceed this say if you have several friends over, however, 4 is the limit to remain rezzed out when not in use(say if you have them roam the yard, etc)

F. Related Policies

  1. The following related policies are incorporated by reference in and made part of this Covenant, and provide additional terms, conditions and guidelines regarding Fox Hollow. 
    1. Fox Hollow Branding Policy
    2. Fox Hollow Roleplay Rules
    3. Fox Hollow Crime and Jail Rules
    4. Fox Hollow Aviation Rules
    5. Fox Hollow Acceptable Races