Meet the Managers of Fox Hollow

Alice Black-Fear


Alice is dedicated and motivated to the improvement and maintenance of Fox Hollow. She tries to make everyone feel at home and find their best Second Life here. She is most driven to strategic management while readily and joyfully tackling confusion and problems. Alice radiates confidence to all with whom she comes into contact with. She likes tools that reflect her organizational abilities such as outlines, charts, diagrams, and lists. She is an artist at heart and is never afraid to get her hands dirty whether it’s with paint and clay or wood and gravel. Alice strives to keep Fox Hollow an amazing, colorful place. She resides here with her husband Christopher and her children.

SL Legacy Name: CreepyPastel Cloud

Taissa Black

Founder, General Manager, Marketing Manager

Taissa is the original Owner and Founder of Fox Hollow. She took a step back in September of 2021 to let Alice Black-Fear take the reigns and took an active role as an Advisor. Taissa switched positions again in February 2022 into General Management. She enjoys creating and spending time with her friends and SL family.

SL Legacy Name: Black Morningstar

Imogen Atheria

General Manager, University Manager

Imogen is one of the General Managers for Fox Hollow. She has been a part of the community since March of 2021, and after finding a wonderfully welcoming community, was eager to help it continue to thrive. Joining the team first as a Community Engagement Moderator, providing Welcome posts for our newer Residents, she moved on to become a University Moderator for Fox Hollow’s newly-formed Vandermore University, and now currently oversees it as its Manager, in addition to being one of the General Managers.

In character, Imogen is the Lead Dispatcher for the Sheriff’s Office, Police Department, and Fire Department as well as a Teaching Assistant for Vandermore University teaching Psychology 101 and Conflict Resolution. All in all, she looks forward to every day in Fox Hollow and whatever new adventures await its residents.

SL Legacy Name: Imogen Atheria

Sam Portocarrero

Port Dominion Development Manager, Owner of Port Dominion

Samuel Portocarrero is the founder and owner of The City of Port Dominion. Sam has been involved in development inside of Second Life for over 16 years, using his real-life background in architecture to work with a range of corporate clients and players to develop environments for all to enjoy. As an avid role-player and builder, he started Port Dominion as a labor of love, a city that has a storied past almost as old as Sam himself.

In-Character you will find Sam as owner of the “Portocarrero Group”, a large company with a healthy portfolio of brands ranging from construction to transportation. He currently lives a quiet life in Port Dominion, tending to the daily drama and operations of his company.

SL Legacy Name: Sam Portocarrero

Mayze Adler

Rentals and Landscaping Manager

Mayze stumbled upon Fox Hollow in the spring of 2020 and almost immediately fell in love with the southern charm and hospitality of the quaint little community. Not long after getting settled in she decided to join the rental team, as a moderator then manager, where she has been able to meet some amazing people and watch the little community grow from 8 neighborhoods (sims) to where it is today. When she’s not helping keep Fox Hollow looking beautiful or helping someone find the home of their dreams, Mayze enjoys taking photos, shopping, and spending time with friends and family. She loves meeting new people so always feel free to say hi if you see her around.

SL Legacy Name:  xmayzex Resident

Haleigh Rae Yven

Events Manager

Haleigh came to Fox Hollow in late September of 2020. She immediately fell in love with the charm and immersive roleplay that the community had to offer and thus desired to be a part of the bigger picture. Haleigh soon found her place in the Marketing & Events team as an Events Coordinator until working her way up to the position of Manager of the department. With the help of her team, she strives to bring joy to all those that attend each and every community event! In character, she owns The Batcave, is very deeply committed to her relationships with both friends and family, and also enjoys DJ’ing for various events.

SL Legacy Name:  Orngblsms Ballyhoo

Christoph Edwin Fear

Government Services Manager (Fire Department, Hospital, DMV, Public Works)


SL Legacy Name: WolfkinNightshade Resident

BadDog Rumble

Public Safety Manager (Sheriff’s Office, Police Department, Courts)


SL Legacy Name:  BadDog Rumble

James Smith

Education Manager

James came to Fox Hollow in July 2021 with his IC family and quickly found himself at home as a student of Foxwood Academy, and became the school’s registration moderator in September 2021. He loves helping new students with their enrollment and introducing them to their fellow students to help them feel comfortable and at ease within the school community. He became the Education Manager in October 2021. He is always approachable, ready to help with any questions, and is keen to help those who are new to role-playing in SL.

In-character, James is a quiet teenager who lives with his adoptive family. He goes nowhere without his backpack and skateboard. When he’s not skating or studying, he can be found using his vivid imagination to create games for the younger children. He befriends almost every animal he meets, and sometimes attempts to sneak them into his house.

SL Legacy Name: Bytethedust Resident