Meet the Managers of Fox Hollow

Taissa Black


Taissa Black is the founder and owner of Fox Hollow, NC. She has five beautiful children and a loving husband. She works for the Chamber of Commerce, doing charitable work with the historical society, and was previously a teacher for the school system. Her skills include building, modding, and project management. She owns Southern Charm Company, which not only hosted a creator’s based event but will be moving towards wedding planning and home design in the near future. She’s friendly, outgoing, and always willing to help others out!

SL Legacy Name: shapeshifterr

Alice Black-Fear


Alice Fear, as Co-Owner, is dedicated and motivated to the improvement and maintenance of Fox Hollow. She tries to make everyone feel at home and find their best Second Life here. She is most driven to strategic management while readily and joyfully tackling confusion and problems. Alice radiates confidence to all with whom she comes into contact with. She likes tools that reflect her organizational abilities such as outlines, charts, diagrams, and lists. She is an artist at heart and is never afraid to get her hands dirty whether it’s with paint and clay or wood and gravel. Alice strives to keep Fox Hollow an amazing, colorful place. She resides here with her husband Christopher and her children.

SL Legacy Name:

Mayze Hale

Rental Manager

To Be Written

SL Legacy Name: xmayzex

Arabella Kate Black

Marketing and Events Manager

Arabella is the definition of creativity & compassion. She is friendly, outgoing, and prefers the company of others. She believes strongly in friends and family, always emitting positivity and kindness everywhere she goes. Classy, sophisticated, expressive, well-mannered, and stylish, she is never afraid to jump into any project no matter how difficult or challenging it may seem. With a go-getter attitude about everything she does, she never disappoints Fox Hollow.

SL Legacy Name: pink.fae

Jacob Fear

Community Engagement and Recruitment Manager
Project Manager

Jacob Fear is the Community Engagement and Project Manager for Fox Hollow. Having returned to SL in August of 2020, He soon joined the team originally as a Rental Moderator, going around and being well known as a friendly face people can go to for help, following a brief period as a Projector Moderator followed by Public Service Moderator, he ended up in his current position where with the help of his team, welcomes new renters to Fox Hollow, conducts outreach with business owners, and maintaining aspects of the FH Website along with other projects he joins in. In Character, he is the Administration Captain with the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office and lives in the Juniper Mountain area of Fox Hollow with his three kids, Ace, Asher and Cub. He’s always quick to make a joke, help someone out or at least point them in the right direction.

SL Legacy Name: dark.nebula

Gabriel Garcia

Public Services, Crime, and Roleplay Quality Manager


SL Legacy Name: dickie200951

Jihyun Vespoli

University Manager

To Be Written

SL Legacy Name: espiritu.amore

Sam Portocarrero

Project Manager and Port Dominion Development Manager

Samuel Portocarrero is the founder and owner of The City of Port Dominion. Sam has been involved in development inside of Second Life for over 16 years, using his real-life background in architecture to work with a range of corporate clients and players to develop environments for all to enjoy. As an avid role-player and builder, he started Port Dominion as a labor of love, a city that has a storied past almost as old as Sam himself.

In-Character you will find Sam as owner of the “Portocarrero Group”, a large company with a healthy portfolio of brands ranging from construction to transportation. He currently lives a quiet life in Port Dominion, tending to the daily drama and operations of his company.

SL Legacy Name: Sam Portocarrero


Education Manager

To Be Written

SL Legacy Name:


Emotional Support Doggo

Henloo all u floofs an pupperinos! am u lovabl neighborhood doggo. I handle all teh smol buildin’ projectz around Forest Corgo Hollow. I also enjoy sniffin’ out bad thin’ 4 mai hoomanz an bein’ a crime stooppr. I spend mai free tyme borkin’ at booplesnoot an zooming aftr ball. Plz don’t b afraid 2 share u cromchy schmako with me. Mai favorite iz pupperoni yum disc.
((Behr has retired from Management, and is no simply here for legacy purposes. Please Contact the Appropriate Manager instead of them))

SL Legacy Name: k4p0w