Fox Hollow strives to provide residents with accessible, easy-to-understand information about the services we provide, so they can make informed decisions about which services best meet their needs. Consistent with that goal, we have designed this page to act as a single place where resident and others can come to access and review the relevant policies, agreements, and other information about these services.

Fox Hollow Policies

Fox Hollow Documents

Linden Lab/Second Life Policies(Always applicable within Second Life)

Official Avatars

The Following Are Official Avatars of Fox Hollow. DO NOT MESSAGE THEM FOR SUPPORT. These are simply accounts used for Bots, Rental Payments, FInances, Building, etc and will never respond to a Support Message.

  • Dre Black(dreavous313.resident)
  • Trixie Hollow (littlecrystalwitch)
  • Parks Hollow (parkshollow)
  • Vixie Hollow (rahulmirchandani)
  • Vault Hollow (foxhollowsl)

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