Recent Website Improvements – Fox Hollow Blog 7/22/2021

Oh Boy! I’m so excited as I write this, to be the first of hopefully regular posts from the Fox Hollow Community Engagement Team. I’m Jacob Fear, the Community Engagement and Project Manager for Fox Hollow. Let’s jump on in.

Job Directory

My Team and I have rolled out a new Job Directory for Fox Hollow, that replaced the older out of date one we previously had. Want to find a In Character Job in Fox Hollow? This is the place. Whether it be Athletic Director at Foxwood Academy, Bouncer at The Batcave, or Public Defender at the County Court, this is your one stop place as we add new jobs regularly.

To Business Owners! If you aren’t already in our discord, we have a special section just for IC Owners of Businesses in Fox Hollow. Join today and go to #get-a-role for info on gaining access( ). Once you are in there, there is a form for getting your jobs posted on the job directory.

The new Job Directory can be found here:

New Rental Directory Homepage

Ah, another Website Improvement! Did you find the old rental listings a wee bit difficult to navigate? We tidied that up for you. You can now view available rental listings by Region, By Property Type (Residential or Commercial), By Home Size(for Residential), or by what In Character Town/City/Area it is in

Fox Hollow Rental Listings are found here:

Business Directory

Alright, you don’t need a job, but who doesn’t love to shop and RP in the the best and one of the largest modern family roleplay communities in Second Life? It’s not quite done, but it has almost all of the amenities and businesses in Fox Hollow.

Check that out here:

Even though this was a short post, thank you for reading, and thank you for staying at or even just visiting Fox Hollow!
– Jacob

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