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Seasonal Event Center

This property was gifted in 1939 by the late Mayor Charles Winstock to the Hollow. Mayor Winstock was proud of his hometown and wanted to leave a legacy for everyone who called this place home. He was big on the community gathering together and wanted to make sure nothing would prevent that. He had the foresight to know the town would change as it not only grew but with advances of whatever the future could bring. When this place was deeded to the town, it was under the stipulation no permanent building may be constructed and the original home on the property be converted into a place for shelter or a headquarters for events. The tree farm, which opens in November is located on the West side of the property, the gardens at the East. The middle is where all events are held.
Over the years many events, weddings, and parties have been held here. To this day, it is still known as the best swimming hole around and a perfect location for all non-motorized watercraft.


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