Crews Battle Late Night Residence Fire

Just after 21:30 hours, District 23 was dispatched for a smoke condition in a residence on Wildwood Lane. Squad 231 arrived on the scene to find a well-involved residence fire. The alarm was upgraded and crews placed two lines in operation for fire attack. Shortly after, Car 23 arrived on the scene and assumed scene safety. As Car 23 finished a 360, a firefighter activated their pass alarm as they went down on the second division. RIT was activated and Car 2303 was added to the run and a second alarm was struck. The firefighter was removed from the residence and transported to Magnolia Springs Medical Center. Truck 14 from Woodcreek arrived and dropped another line to assist with the attack. Units are still operating on the scene at this time.

Assisting Agencies:
Jasper County Sheriff’s Office
Woodcreek Fire Department


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