Bank robbery leaves 2 dead and 2 injured

MOONLIGHT RIDGE, FOX HOLLOW – The call came in at 9:10PM. A call no one wanted to hear as units worked a 3 alarm fire nearby; a silent alarm activation at the Harrison Savings & Trust bank on Broadway Ave in Moonlight Ridge. Most presumed it was a false alarm, but it wasn’t.

The first arriving unit, a Sheriff’s Deputy in a blue unmarked RM Hawker, quickly found it was no false alarm when they pulled in and were immediately greeted with automatic weapons fire. Sources indicate the suspect had a fully automatic AR-15 type weapon with access to 50 round drum magazines.

That Deputy was alone on scene for over two and a half minutes as backup units rushed to the scene. The deputy, despite being shot twice, returned fire with their service weapon until backup arrived and then continued on the scene. Per officials, that original deputy was shot non-critically and is in stable condition tonight. FOX11 news has elected not to publish relevant 911 radio communications due to explicit language used during the initial exchange of gunfire between that first arriving deputy and the Gunman.

The RM Hawker the deputy arrived in is believed to have taken over 150 rounds of assault rifle fire from the assailant. It is believed to be a total loss as Sheriff’s officials scramble with the County and City to replace it.

As more Sheriff’s units were on scene, a 47 minute standoff ensued. At some point during that standoff the gunman shot and killed a HS&T Bank teller. Sheriff’s officials have not yet released the name of the teller to allow time to notify their family. The teller was the only other occupant in the Bank at the time of the event.

A three alarm fire that Ravenwood Fire & Rescue along with multiple mutual aid companies on Timberwood Ave were responding to complicated response times as most Sheriff’s Units were tied up on that scene at the time of the call. It likely contributed to the initial Deputy being alone under fire for those crucial two and a half minutes.

As the situation continued, Sheriff’s deputies finally breached the building. One more deputy was shot in that final crossfire and is also expected to make a full recovery. The Gunman was shot and killed in the exchange. He has not yet been identified by Sheriff’s officials, but it was stated that the gunman was not from Fox Hollow.

Lieutenant Talanos Arcamenal made the following statement:

“On the evening of Friday, August 8th at approximately 9:10pm, Sheriff’s deputies responded to a silent alarm at Harrison Banking and Trust off of  Broadway in Moonlight Ridge. When they arrived, they were immediately met with automated gunfire from a lone suspect. Deputies were able to breach the building from the rear and engage the suspect. During the gunfire, one deputy was injured and the suspect was mortally wounded and was pronounced dead on scene by paramedics. Upon entry into the bank, one victim was discovered deceased. The identity of the victim is being withheld until their next of kin has been notified. The investigation is still ongoing, however, initial findings indicate that the motive for the break-in was robbery.”

This unfortunate shooting comes days after a Deputy was stabbed in Hickory Creek, leaving many to wonder if the crime rates in Fox Hollow would continue on an upward trend.

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