Winter 2021/2022 Course Offerings

This is the final list of course offerings for the Winter semester at Vandermore University, set to begin January 3rd, 2022. Add/drop period will end 01/09/22.
Last Updated: 01/28/22


10:00am-11:00am SLT – Psychology 101
Taught by Chase Littlepaws (Biscuitplush Resident)

INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY – An survey of the broad field of psychology with a focus on principles that students can utilize to better their lives and relationships. Topics of note include learning, memory, motivation, and stress.

6:00pm-7:00pm SLT – Photoshop 101
Taught by Alice R Black-Fear (Creepypastel Cloud)

Description Coming Soon


4:00pm-5:00pm SLT – Roleplay 101
Taught by Epiphany Serendipity

ROLEPLAYING IN SECOND LIFE – This course will help with the basics of roleplay and becoming a good roleplayer within Second Life.  Whether you need to be taught from the beginning, including how to use ‘/me’ or if you’re a seasoned roleplayer just looking for tips you might not know, Roleplay 101 seeks to help anyone and everyone feel more comfortable in joining in various roleplays around Fox Hollow’s Community.


10:00am-11:00am SLT – Conflict Resolution
Taught by Chase Littlepaws (Biscuitplush Resident)

CONFLICT RESOLUTION – An examination of the skills and principles necessary to negotiate, resolve disagreements, and persuade others without manipulation. The skills this course teaches relate to conflicts in families, romantic relationships, and in the workplace.

6:00pm-7:00pm SLT – Photoshop 101
Taught by Alice R Black-Fear (Creepypastel Cloud)

Description Coming Soon


12:00noon-1:00pm SLT (every other week) – Riding Team Practice
Coached by Jessie Skodlow


12:00noon-1:00pm SLT – Equine Science
Taught by Jessie Skodlow

EQUINE SCIENCE – Course work in Equine Science curriculum focuses on the physiological and behavioral science aspects of the horse and related industry professions. Our equine program will lead you in an exploration of every aspect of the equine industry, from nutrition, anatomy and physiology to the practical management practices for keeping a safe barn or stable.

2:00pm-3:00pm SLT – Mesh 101
Taught by Isabeau Baragula

MESH 101 : Ever wondered what all those weird buttons do in Blender?
Join us and learn all the hidden secrets to transform a basic box into a beautiful vase with flowers.
Patience is needed but after all those efforts you will be able to do your own model, create the map to texture it, and import it in Second Life.
We will work on the latest version of Blender which is a free modeling software.


11:00am-12noon SLT – Intro to SL Fashion Design
Taught by Beckka Fredericks

INTRO TO SL FASHION DESIGN – The main purpose of this class is to learn how to use Premade Mesh Templates available for sale in Secondlife to make your own clothing. We will cover a range of topics from Copyright & DMCAs to texturing using Photoshop (You are responsible for having a copy or photoshop or finding an alternative editing program to use) to what to look for in purchasing templates and what to do with a template once you purchased it. Think of Templates as a stepping stone & learning the fundamentals of content creation in the path towards more advanced clothing design including making your own mesh.  Highly recommended to take a graphic editing class on either photoshop or gimp with this class or knowledge of either program.