Administration & Professors

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Dean of Students

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Ms. Astrid

Astrid Maeve Grey

Professor of True Crime Investigation
Legacy Name: constellazione Resident

Ms. Alice

Alice R Godfrey-Fear

Professor of Photoshop 101
Legacy Name: Creepypastel Cloud

Ms. Epiphany

Epiphany Serendipity

Professor of Roleplay 101
Legacy Name: Epiphany Serendipity

Ms. Imogen

Imogen Atheria

Professor of Dance 101
Legacy Name: Imogen Atheria

Mr. Chase

Chase Littlepaws

Professor of Psychology 101 & Conflict Resolution
Legacy Name: Biscuitplush

Ms. Beckka

Beckka Fredericks

Professor of SL Fashion Design
Legacy Name: Beckka Fredericks

Ms. Jessie

Jessie Skodlow

Professor of Equine Science
Legacy Name: Jessie Skodlow

Ms. Isabeau

Isabeau Baragula

Professor of Mesh 101
Legacy Name: Isabeau Baragula

Mr. Nicholas

Nicholas Bennett

Professor of World History
Legacy Name: Nicholas Rowley