Vandermore University

Mission Statement

Vandermore is committed to providing our students with the skills, intellect, resourcefulness and knowledge innovate and improve their environment, their immediate community, and their own lives. We pride ourselves in providing a space that is inclusive and diverse, creating socially-conscious just as much as academically-conscious individuals to become exemplary members of society, be it in Fox Hollow, surrounding areas, or beyond.

Our History

After Port Dominion’s revitalization as a commercial hub for major corporations and regaining its shipping prowess, Fox Hollow’s continued innovation finally reached into the educational sector. With a desire for Modern Architecture combined with the rich Fox Hollow and Port Dominion history, Vandermore University was born out of the need to provide higher education to its community and surrounding residents.

Opening in August of 2021, our history is still to be written, and perhaps you will be a part of our adventure!

School Information


If you are interested in enrolling in the Fall 2021 Semester at Vandermore University, please fill out the Class Registration Form.

Degrees and Programs

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