Riverfront Morning News – County to open Community Center in the Town of Fox Hollow

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[Paco’s Pawn Shop was crashed into by what seemed to be an armored bus, reports say. It drove off without a trace. One fatality and multiple injured at scene.]
Credit: Mikhail Moiseyev

(Port Dominion, North Carolina) Late Saturday Evening, Paco’s Pawn Shop in the City of Port Dominion received a surprising visitor as a man drove a large Bus that has been entitled a “Kill-Dozer”-like vehicle into the front of the building killing One Person and a Dog and injuring several others. Authorities are investigating but gave no comment other than anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Metropolitan Police Department of the City of Port Dominion with information.

(Fox Hollow, North Carolina) Plans to open a community center for youth and teens of the community was announced in a press release by the County Commissioners of the Jasper County Consolidated Government earlier today. Details include a 2 story building on Broadway in the town limits of Fox Hollow, this is one of the first of many planned initiatives by County Commissioner Chairperson Jacob Fear and other members of the board of Commissioners. The board shows a $268,421 Budget Allocation taken from the former operating Port Authority Police Department’s budget after it’s dissolution earlier this year after the retirement of the former Sheriff required consolidation of several small departments that the county deemed better to merge together between the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office and the City of Port Dominion’s Metropolitan Police Department. On this matter Fear said “This has been a idea that’s been in the works for a while, and with the additional funding from the departments that had previously been overfunded on things like Voltas where standard county vehicles could have worked, it’s been able to be pushed forward and come to fruition, we hope to open our doors in mid July and serve as a place for the youth of Fox Hollow to be able to connect and have fun.” More news to follow on this as it is released.

(Port Dominion, North Carolina) The County Commissioners of Jasper County continue their search for a new fire chief after the retirement of Fire Chief Dustin Peavler who took over the department headstarted by former Chief Zach Clydesdale when the contract with Ravenwood Fire Rescue was terminated late last year. Interested Parties are encouraged to apply at the County Website ((

(Port Dominion, North Carolina) Weather this week is looking hot hot hot. Temperatures reaching up to 99 degrees show us right in the middle of our North Carolina Summer. Keep a eye on Riverfront Media Group’s AccuRATE weather forecast’s via TV, Radio and Print for up to date forecasts from Chief Meteorologist Bill Niseru.


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