FAQ about Lag and Performance Issues

Fox Hollow works hard to ensure there is a pleasant experience for all of our residents, however Fox Hollow has been created with a lot of detail and we currently have 1 sim. For some this can pose some instance of lag. If you are experiencing this, please make the following simple changes to your graphic settings and it should help alleviate you some of your lag:

  1. Make sure your drawing distance is below 100. This is defaulted at 200+ in your standard settings. This means that your viewer will attempt to to load a lot of detail all at once.
  2. Increase your cache memory to at least 6000. In your standard settings this is usually between 2000 and 3000. Increasing it will give all of our lovely details some space in your memory. 😉
  3. Use medium graphic settings.

Drawing distance and the increasing cache can be played around with. The lower the drawing distance the lesser details the viewer has to load. The higher the cache is, the more space there is for loading in the mesh, textures and such. Dont put it on max if you dont have to, unless you are on LOW graphic settings, then use the max.

Clearing all of your caches will help to. Cache settings can be found on 3 locations in your settings.
Go to Network and Files. Go to tab Directories.
Then you hit the button Clear Inventory Cache, then hit the button underneath there Clear Cache. Then apply. When you did this, you go to the tab Connection, there you hit Clear Browser Cache. Hit apply.

In addition, please check out the system requirements for the viewer of your choice.

Here are some that is generally best to experience Second Life. ((Please note: These are simply the system specs suggested by the Management of FH, we offer no guarantee that these will ensure amazing performance across all of SL, simply that this is what we use and have good results on))
Operating Systems: Windows 8.1 or 10 64 or 32bit, Mac Catalina (10.15 or later), Ubuntu LTS 18.04 64bit or later.
Graphics Cards: Newer Graphics Cards.
Now please note, Most viewers may not support Older Graphics Cards including Intel HD 2000, Intel HD 3000 and anything marked no for your operating system on this list
RAM/Memory: While most viewers say 4GB minimum, for the best experience it is recommended for 8GB or More of RAM.

Additionally, check out the recommended viewer of Fox Hollow called Alchemy.
Alchemy runs faster on a lot of computers than the Default Second Life Viewer, and some other 3rd party viewers. Check it out at