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Isabella Singh Elected

Over the weekend Fox Hollow elected a new mayor, Isabella Singh. Following a long debate with her opponent Vanessa Henderson.  Results that were announced the next day. Isabella Singh had overwhelming support from the community. 

In an interview with Isabella Singh, I was curious to know how she plans to adjust to the new role as Mayor of Fox Hollow.

H: What made you run for mayor?

I was inspired to run for mayor after seeing the work my brother did as mayor and all the things he accomplished. Seeing how he was with the community and all the work he did helping Fox Hollow grow over the last year was the biggest inspiration to me. I wanted to follow in his footsteps and help lead Fox Hollow to bigger and better places. We already have such a great community and I hope to see even more growth than what we have experienced in the last year.

H: What do you plan to change for Fox Hollow?

As I said Fox Hollow is already such an amazing community that does not need much change. I do hope as mayor to work towards bringing down the growing crime rate that has started to increase and work with our police force to keep the streets safe. I also plan to work with our school Foxwood Academy to provide a great education to the children of Fox Hollow, they are our future and deserve only the best educational facilities.

H: Is there anything that scares you about your new role as mayor?

Great question, while it can be a bit scary stepping into such an important role, I am more excited than anything to get started. I’m ready to step into the role with my head held high and get to work, I’m looking forward to stepping into the role and pick up from where my brother left off along with bringing some fresh new ideas into the play, along with helping build an even stronger community. I hope we can all work together to make this a great term!

At former Mayor Ramesh Singh’s retirement Party.

At the inauguration ball, Mayor Isabella Singh was sworn in by Judge Dawson. Given a heartfelt congratulations by her brother and former mayor Ramesh Singh who thanked the local law, fire department, and medical staff.

To make Fox Hollow the best place to live. While stepping away was a hard decision, I have no doubt that our next Mayor will continue the momentum that my administration gained. This transition of power comes at an exciting time. Magnolia Springs Medical Center, is fully open and powering its way to becoming one of the greatest Hospitals. Sheriff Ethan Martingale as just taken over the JCSO, and performance continues to gain momentum. Foxwood Academy is slated to open very soon, and Ravenwood continues to shine. We have two dynamic Judges handling our court system and a Feisty District Attorney backing us up. It is a great time to be a Fox Hollow Citizen. This officially concludes my term as Mayor, and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity I was given by all of you.

– Ramesh Singh

written by Helena Hargraves


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