Mayoral elections reveal four-way race; Crime, public safety seems to be biggest concern.

FOX HOLLOW – The Jasper County Board of Elections met Saturday Night to finalize the four balloted candidates for Mayor of Fox Hollow. The election will go as follows:

  • The candidate with the most votes will be sworn in as Mayor of Fox Hollow, for the Dec 2020-May 2021 term.
  • The next two runner-up candidates will be sworn as at-large County Councilmen or women, for the same term.

Four candidates have announced their intentions to run for public office. While each seems to have their own approach towards the job, it seems the near universal topic of discussion has been crime and public safety, with crime rates spiking drastically over the past few months. Elections are expected to take place the weekend of the 19th of December. Also of note this election cycle is that this is the first election in over a year without a Singh contesting the election. The last mayor before Ramesh and Isabella Singh was Lan Nakajima, who served June to December 2019. Conservative talkshow host Hellen Highwater, who has ran as a far-right Christian leaning candidate for the past fifteen years and always securing less than 3% of the vote, is not contesting this election due to health issues.

The four candidates, sorted in alphabetical order with some information about them, are:

Sean Cody, 35,  of Orchard Harvest and Director of Community Engagement and Government Affairs, Four Seasons Total Primscaping, Inc.

“Sean Cody is a resident of Meandering Brook and currently serves as the Director of Community Engagement and Government Affairs for Four Seasons Total Primscaping, Inc. With degrees from The University of Colorado and George Washington University, Mr. Cody has strong academic credentials and more than a decade of federal service on his resume. Having served in various intelligence analysis, crisis management, and political advisory roles at the highest level of government, Mr. Cody knows – and has – what it takes to run a strong administration that works in the best interests of its constituents.

Mr. Cody is a committed public servant, dedicated to solving complex problems to keep things from falling through the cracks of government. With his vast experience in government, Mr. Cody is experienced in working both across government, and the aisle, to do what’s best for Americans. Mr. Cody is determined to expand Fox Hollow as a prosperous and safe place to work, play, and live – all while being the best in class for how government should work for the people.”

Draco Dimanovic, 32, of Hickory Creek, and Jasper County Firefighter

“Our community should vote for me because it is about time this town focused on public safety and togetherness. I am a former doctor and current EMT/Firefighter, so a vote for me would be a step into safe hands. Stay safe, stay healthy and Happy Holidays to you and yours.”

Lyca Martingale-Beretta, 30, of Hickory Creek, and Owner/Director of Fox Hollow Animal Clinic and Jasper County Humane Society

“Fellow residents and business owners of Fox Hollow, my name is Lyca Martingale-Beretta, and I am the owner of Fox Hollow Animal Clinic and director of Jasper County Humane Society. Our lovely city is a fantastic place to live and flourish, which is why I settled my family and established my clinic here, but I believe there is always room for improvement. It is for this reason I am pleased to formally announce my candidacy for mayor.

We have recently seen an increase in crime, both violent and petty, within our city limits and beyond. There has also been a rash of encounters with rabid wildlife in the past couple of months. Above all else, residents need and deserve to feel safe within their community, and citizen safety must be our priority. This is especially important given the sudden and significant population increase we have seen. Beyond safety, I intend to develop and expand resources for homeowners and business owners so that we can grow as individuals, families, and community members. I humbly ask for your vote in the coming election to allow us as one to honor our city’s historic past, ensure a stable present, and create a bright future for the entirety of Fox Hollow.”

Scarlett Waverly, 30, of Hickory Creek, and Vice Principle of Foxwood Academy

“Hello Fox Hollow Citizens! My name is Scarlett Waverly. You may see me around town or at the school mostly since I am one of the Vice Principals. I am the mother of 13 year old twins, Kinsley and Kinley, who both keep me on my toes. They are wonderful children that brighten my life in so many ways. I came to Fox Hollow to settle down after a long time of being all over the map due to my father’s travels. Finally having a community where I felt at home, I settled into my role at the school and making a difference in our children’s lives.

Since coming to Fox Hollow, I fell in love with everything here. As someone that is truly invested in this community and a natural leader, I believe I can lead this community to be the best around. Making our streets safe for families to walk together or for our kids to play outside is my main priority. By working with the Sherriff’s office and our DA, there would be a tougher stance on crime and how we process the criminals in our town. Please feel free to contact me asking any questions regarding my stance on certain items and I would be glad to take the time to speak with you. Thank you all!”



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