Leadership, Part 1.

Part I: Our Mayor

Salut, mes chéris! I thought it would be a very cool idea to get to know our growing community. I want all of our residents to feel like they have a thorough knowledge of where they are living and how others help manage, assess and keep Fox Hollow running. This means… a new series! This will be my first project as editor for the Morning Heritage. As I interview residents throughout the community, I will be adding more parts. How many parts there will be I am still unsure of, but I am very excited! First on my list is our Mayor, Ramesh Singh. Below are my interview questions I had for him. Enjoy!

Question 1: Give us a brief description of yourself!  Well, I’ve spent many years in civil service, serving as Police Commish and Mayor in another city, prior to moving to Fox Hollow.  Self Employed prior to being Mayor here at Singh Automotive Group.  I have a family that is here in the city and enjoy meeting new people.

Question 2: When did you move to Fox Hollow? Oh gosh!  I think it has been close to a year now.  When I moved here, Fox Hollow was just a small little town, I’m glad to see how it has grown.

Question 3: Before being elected as our mayor, what leadership roles did you have?   As I stated before I’ve been a previous Mayor and also served many years as a police commish.

Question 4: What challenges have you faced since being elected? The biggest challenge has been the unexpected population growth, while the land needed has been obtained, I feel like the majority of city services have been understaffed for a long time.

Question 5: What achievement are you proudest of?  I think the growth of the city is the crown jewel. We’ve more than doubled in size and population in less than a year.

Question 6: Other than being our mayor, of course, do you have any other investments in the community such as a business or etc? Yes, I own Singh’s automotive in downtown.  My sister Frannie is a local doctor and runs a dentist office as well.  I also part time teach at the school.

Question 7: Do you plan on running for re-election? Laughs “You’re getting the exclusive, I am not but I will be endorsing my little sister Isabella Compton as she will be running”

REMINDERS: Our July Jam happened tonight! It was lots of fun, I hope you made it. Happy 4th, everyone! Our next upcoming event is tomorrow! It’s… MOVIE NIGHT! Are you excited? I am! Come out for a showing of a good movie and free snacks. If you’re someone who is thinking about making the move to Fox Hollow, go ahead and click on the “Real Estate” tab! All current listings will be there. We hope you’ll join us!

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