Going Postal

I had the opportunity to sit down with the lead of Fox Hollow’s postal service, Coraline Everdeen! We had the chance to discuss her presence in Fox Hollow, a new project she’s been working on, and I got another depth of perspective to her role in our little community. I hope you enjoy reading this interview, it was so much fun!

1.) Tell us about your position! What does your day at the Post Office look like?
My job in the postal service is very varied. You have to collect, sort and distribute mail; you also have to be in contact with the customer, either directly at the counter (selling stamps, receiving packages to be sent…), but also by telephone or e-mail.  As manager, I am also responsible for managing the website and forms, mailbox installations, but also for receiving and handling customers with specific requests.

2.) How did you find your way into postal services?
I don’t have a lot of experience in the postal field, but I have always enjoyed helping and informing others. Calm, organized, and with a good sense of direction, I wanted to combine these skills to carry out this job with its many varied tasks, which I particularly like, and which can be progressive.

3.) Now, tell us about yourself. Anything you’d like the readers to know.
Taking advantage of your proposal, I would like to share again the link of our website ( which gathers a lot of information about the Postal Service as well as the Postal Directory of the city.
I would also like to encourage other company managers to work with our services to send them documents (e.g. information notices, recruitment advertisements, invoices, fines, …) even if some of them are already in partnership with our services.
These services are free, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of them, wouldn’t it? (smiling)

4.) How long have you been living in Fox Hollow?
I have been living in Fox Hollow for a few months now, I arrived in town during March 2020.

5.) Outside of work, what’s one of your favorite activities in Fox Hollow?
Outside of work, I really enjoy spending time decorating our home and tinkering with small everyday objects to make them more usable and efficient.

6.) What’s the most rewarding part of your job?
I like working outdoors and being in contact with people. 7.) Do you have any projects in the works?
I currently have two projects underway. The first is a questionnaire that is currently being written and will be sent out shortly to gather the views and opinions of citizens on the operation of the postal service. The second is to set up a regular newspaper service with news from the city, in coordination with your services. (smile)

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