Faculty & Staff



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Ioth Hancroft

Deputy Headteacher – Head of Wolf Clan

Scary lizard lady!

SL Legacy Name: imnotabank

Moon Grey

Office Staff

Moon Grey is a young, Italian girl who decided to move to the USA, leaving everyone behind. She’s now living with her family. She’s a model, influencer, and also works at Foxwood as Office Administration Staff (a job that she really likes to do). She’s very kind and she loves kids. Although she’s very quiet sometimes, she still enjoys being around people and having fun!

SL Legacy Name: 3hw

Calum Buchanan

Head of Stag Clan – Teacher

Staff bio to come.

SL Legacy Name: reservedturtle

River Canyon


River is a 24 year old recent college graduate. He’s super excited to have landed his first teaching job. It’s been his lifelong dream to teach and help kids. He has an extreme love of nature and wildlife. He loves to garden and landscape. He is also a new foster dad to an 8 yr. old girl. River doesn’t reside full time in Fox Hollow but he doesn’t mind the commute so he’s involved in a lot of the activities around town. If there’s a Mexican restaurant nearby, that is more than likely where you will find him. Each term, River plans to teach classes on subjects that involve nature, wildlife, pets, equestrian studies, writing and poetry as well as some sports, counselling and/or crafts. River welcomes any student to message him or visit his office with any questions regarding his class or if you just need to talk.

SL Legacy Name: RiverCCanyon

Daisy Haven


Staff bio to come.

SL Legacy Name: Daisyfaygatsby

Lexius Nestori Myth


Staff bio to come.

SL Legacy Name: Birdit

Courtney Firewall

Head of Hare Clan – Soccer Coach

Staff bio to come.

SL Legacy Name: courtneyelyse2016