Foxwood Academy

Mission Statement

Foxwood Academy provides a rigorous and well-rounded elementary preparatory education within a nurturing 17 region community. Through a commitment to excellence in academics and arts, the school’s program and its faculty encourage creativity and discovery. Above all, the school emphasizes honor, integrity, and character while inspiring its students to enrich their families, communities, and friends. With doors and hearts open to all, Foxwood Academy is ready to mold the minds of tomorrow through its immersive and interactive curriculum.

Our Roots

Foxwood Academy established in 1865 by Gertrude Black. Mrs. Black was a widowed Fox Hollow resident who in her later years of being an educator made the decision to open a school “for the outstanding education and instruction of young boys and girls”. Since the founding of the school, the children of Fox Hollow have received the best education possible under the school’s carefully detailed instructions left behind by Mrs. Gertrude upon her retirement.

Foxwood’s original building was a smaller church located not far from downtown Fox Hollow. It was only a few years before the classes were too large for the church to handle. After careful consideration, Mrs. Black used a portion of her inheritance from her father’s estate to purchase a small mansion near the old church to renovate into Foxwood Academy. With her children grown and her husband in her heart, Gertrude Black dedicated her life towards building and creating the best schooling program for the children of Fox Hollow.

With the establishment of the newly renovated school, Gertrude created four separate clans that each child would be separated into. She designated them by animals she thought had strong traits. Bears who showed bravery, Wolves of great independence, Hares who were creative, and Stags that were intelligent beyond compare. Each clan held their own characteristic traits, and each student would be placed accordingly based on their own traits through a specially designed test. The houses were created to give students a feeling of belonging and show pride for their clan. Each clan has the chance to earn points throughout the months including what is now a field day in which clans can compete against each other to win the coveted Foxwood trophy.

Today, Foxwood Academy continues to hold up the same ideals Gertrude Black set in place and focus on giving current and new students who come into the Foxwood Academy halls the best education and experience possible.


Foxwood Academy has 4 Clans that students are put into through our personality test. These clans are the Bear, Stag, Hare, and Wolf. Each of these clans have their very own common rooms for their respective clan members to congregate and bond within. Within the common rooms you can find doors that will lead to house dorms for students who wish to live within the school.

Each clan will have a Head of Clan (Teacher or another staff member) that will oversee the students of the clan, each Head of Clan will have an office located in their given clan’s common room.

Students of other clans can not enter another clans common room (Ex. A hare can not go into the wolf common room. Only way realistically would be if an role-play is completed sneaking them in without getting them caught.) Should a student of another clan need to see the head of clan from another house they will have to meet outside the common rooms in another office or classroom. Common rooms are open to all students of that respective clan, however the dorms are limited to those of age 10+.

Students that live within the dorms must be in their common rooms by 9PM SLT and must be in their dorm by 10PM SLT. Dorms are currently only available for students ages 10+ to become a resident in.

Clan Traits/ Gems:
Bear – Brave, Outgoing – Ruby
Stags – Intelligent, Reliable – Sapphire
Wolves – Independence, Strength – Amethyst
Hares – Creative, Loyal – Emerald


Foxwood Academy has a uniform policy that from February 1st, 2021 will be enforced. Below will be the acceptable attire for a students day in the academy. We do provide free uniforms for students and will be included in your Welcome Pack upon acceptance.

Dress shirts, collared shirts, or knit sweaters of grey, white or black and may be accented with your Clan’s colors.
Dress pants or slacks of grey or black.
Dress shoes or nice sneakers of black color.
Ties, bowties and other accessories are allowed within reason. These may reflect your Clan colors.

Skirts of knee length, slacks, dress pants and dresses are allowed. Must be of white, grey or black and may be accented or in resemblance of your clan colors.
Blouses, dress shirts and collared shirts are acceptable and may be accented or in resemblance of your Clan colors.
Accessories such as tights, jewelry, etc may be worn. Tights are not required with dresses but are encouraged.

No piercings beyond ear piercings are permitted. Students however may have unnatural colored hair as long as it is maintained and neat kept.

We like for our students to express their creativity and inner self while adhering to our policies. We understand fashion is an important creativity outlet in some students and we encourage you to express yourself within the guidelines for our establishment.