Foxwood Academy – Event Coordinator

Position Title

Event Coordinator


  • Assists with the management of Foxwood Academy including staffing, planning, and coordination of the school’s programs
  • Processes Enrollment Applications and owns student academic and story development
  • Drives strategy for “faculty” projects such as classes, in-class story development, and progress reports
  • Works closely with other Fox Hollow community Managers, Moderators and business owners to expand learning into the community with guest lecturers, etc.
  • Sets class strategy to organize teaching staff and students, record and analyze results, gather player sentiment, and innovate on a monthly/quarterly basis
  • Oversees faculty managers to execute on strategy
  • Daily and actively promotes school spirit through every OOC and IC interaction
  • Completes Other Tasks as Assigned by Direct Manager or Senior Sim Management/Owners

Hiring Agency
Foxwood Academy
Employment Type

Full Time

Starting Pay IC


Date Posted