Election results come in with victory for Beretta, Waverly

FOX HOLLOW – Election results are in after a long day of voting. First off, some statistics.

  • 46 people voted in this election.
  • 3 ballots were filed in the names of children under 18. (Harper Waverly, Anna Waverly, and Aurabella Black) – These votes have all been disqualified.
  • 3 voters entered their date of birth incorrectly as today’s date. two of these votes (Alanna Senfire and Aiko Maeda-Everdeen) were verified through driver’s license records and allowed to stand. One other vote (Sophie Johnson) had no driver’s license on file and had to be disqualified since a date of birth could not be verified.
  • 41 ballots are thus tallied. These votes have all been verified through driver’s license and rental records ((Voters not previously well known in the community have been checked for driver’s license records and/or rental records as either a subtenant or tenant))


  • Mayoral Winner: Lyca Beretta with 61.0% of the vote.
  • First Council Seat Winner: Scarlett Waverly with 63.4% of the vote.
  • Second Council Seat Winner: None as no candidate received a majority of votes.  The county will run a Special Election for the seat in January.



From the beginning most knew it would be a race between Mrs. Lyca Beretta and Mrs. Scarlett Waverly. But the results present a clear victory for Beretta.

  • 25 votes for Lyca Beretta
  • 14 votes for Scarlett Waverly
  • 1 write-in vote for local businessman and car salesman Ramesh Singh. Singh has not confirmed if he’d accept a seat if he won one.
  • 1 vote for “Rabid Raccoon Family” which was disqualified as unfortunately rabid raccoons can not run municipal governments.




Council elections are being ran on an “Alternative Vote” system to avoid runoffs. Because Beretta won the mayorship, she can not contest the council elections, and voters who picked Beretta as their first choice will now have their second choice made their vote for council, then so on for the third spot. Voters who picked the other two candidates for Mayor keep their first choice for council until that candidate is elected, then so on. For more information on how votes were calculated, click here.


First County Council Seat


With Beretta taking the mayor spot and thus out of this race, it’s clear everyone’s second choice was Mrs. Waverly, who can comfortably stroll into the first County Council seat without much opposition.


  • 26 votes for Scarlett Waverly (Winner)
  • 7 write-in votes for retired conservative radio host Hellen Highwater. Highwater notoriously ran against Lan Nakajima in the early 2019 election and has carried a small, but fiercely dedicated following among the county’s more conservative populations ever since. Highwater has not confirmed if she’d accept a seat if she won one.
  • 5 votes for Draco Dimanovic
  • 1 write-in vote for local mechanic Holly Pulaski. Pulaski operates Pulaski’s Fuel & Service in Aranea. Pulaski has not confirmed if she’d accept a seat if she won one.
  • 1 write-in vote for Ramesh Singh as discussed above.
  • 1 write-in vote for Ray Beretta, husband of Lyca. Ray Beretta has not confirmed if he’d accept a seat if he won one.
  • 1 write-in vote for “Trees”, which was disqualified as trees also cannot hold public office.

Second County Council Seat

Many voters didn’t fill out the third ballot, and this is where write-in votes get kinda wonky. Dimanovic finally catches up with 41.% of the total vote, but as no candidate obtained a majority of voters no winner can be declared in this election. It will go to a special-election likely after the New Year as we’re now deep in the holiday seasons. The special election will be open to all nominations on the basis there’s no two clear candidates.

  • 17 votes for Draco Dimanovic
  • 10 Blank/Spoilt ballots. Spoilt ballots count towards obtaining a majority in county elections.
  • 8 write-in votes for Hellen Highwater
  • 4 write-in votes for Holly Pulaski
  • 1 write-in vote for Ramesh Singh
  • 1 write-in vote for Ray Beretta


Congratulations to Mrs. Beretta and Mrs. Waverly, and we look forward to the Special Election for the second council seat in January.


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