Down the Rabbit Hole – Fox Hollow Blog 7/27/2021

Wow, can you believe Fox Hollow is already 2 whole years old? I can’t. Although I have only been here since August of 2020. Hi, I’m Jacob Fear, the Community Engagement and Project Manager for Fox Hollow when I’m not farting around the town! Let’s dig in to today’s post!

You’ve taken the Red Pill. Time for you to stay in Wonderland, and I’m about to show you how deep this rabbit-hole goes.

Down the Hole we go….

I’ll be starting a 37 day journey my friends, around Fox Hollow, through the calm downtown vibes in Historic Fox Hollow, to the sketchy unincorporated area of Hickory Creek, all the way to the bustling City of Port Dominion to showcase some of the greater places in the community that I feel not enough people know about. You’ll be able to find them here: as they come each day, and a group notice will be sent inworld and through Discord on each one.

Upcoming Events

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Thursday, July 28 @ 5 PM SLT – Magnolia Springs Medical Center Job Fair. Up to 1K Signon Bonus on Hire! (Terms and Conditions Apply. See Onsite Moderators for Details)