District Attorney facing accusations of violating Victims Right’s Laws.

District Attorney facing accusations of violating Victims Right’s Laws.

Disclaimer: The named defendant’s in criminal cases in this article are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The Morning Heritage does not presume guilt, and, additionally, generally withholds the names of victims of crimes for their safety.

Misery Petrov, 18, mugshot during booking Friday night. Photo courtesy JCSO.

FOX HOLLOW – The Jasper County District Attorney, Valerie Fontaine, faces accusations of victim’s rights laws violations tonight. The accusations come from the victim of an attempted robbery last Friday, which occurred in the Forgotten Sea district.

The suspect, Misery Petrov, 18, of Fox Hollow, is alleged of spray-painting a pellet gun or airsoft gun all black to resemble a real firearm, walking up to the victim’s car, pointing it at the victim and demanding their wallet. The victim was a licensed concealed weapons carrier and drew their weapon, holding the suspect at gunpoint until deputies arrived. The accused then allegedly fought with deputies before being detained. It is also accused the defendant admitted to the attempted robbery in the back of a police car.

Ms. Petrov was charged with attempted armed robbery, among other charges. But when the victim went to the District Attorney’s office to find out more information about the case, he alleges the District Attorney’s office had already negotiated a plea deal with the defendant that would drop attempted armed robbery for “Disturbing the Peace”, a misdemeanor charge. If this agreement goes through, Ms. Petrov will face no jail time, only 30 days community service. The victim alleges the District Attorney, Valerie Fontaine, told him that this agreement would be presented before court.

The victim alleges this violates North Carolina victim’s rights laws, which allegedly requires the District Attorney’s office consult the victim of a felony crime on, among other things, the possibility of plea deals. The victim claims this should require the District Attorney to consult him before even negotiating such a plea deal. He states he was not consulted until he had walked into her office after the deal was reportedly struck.

The District Attorney, however, confirms that the plea deal was offered by the defense attorney, but that she had never accepted it. She alleges she intended on calling the victim to consult him when he had entered her office. The victim’s and District Attorney’s accounts conflict at this point, with the victim stating that both parties got angry when the victim objected to the plea deal under the impression it was agreed upon and the District Attorney threatened to charge him with criminal charges in her office and reached for a firearm on him, when he was unarmed. The District Attorney alleges that the victim became ‘extremely agitated’ when she brought up the plea deal and that she felt her life was in danger.

Ms. Petrov does not currently have a trial date set, and it’s unclear if the District Attorney intends on continuing to pursue the plea agreement after tonight’s events. The District Attorney did offer the following as to why she was considering such a light plea deal; “Its a young girl, she was raised in the system. I am trying to help her, trying to maybe right a few wrongs there. Do we want more of our youth in the system? Or do we want them to actually be able to help out society. She wants to help out society, and so because she is sorry for what she did, and sorry for everything that happens. And sees that she totally messed up, I want to help her out. I’m not saying I will take pity on her next time, no but maybe I can help one child out

As crime continues to be a hot-topic issue in Fox Hollow with the upcoming election cycle it’s unclear what stances mayoral and county council candidates will take on if the plea deal is to be regarded as a step towards criminal justice reform or as being light on crime.

FOX11 will cover this story as it proceeds to trial.


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