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Public Library

The original library was destroyed when union soldiers overran the town before the end of the civil war. Precious town documents listing both occupants, land deeds, contracts, and history were lost.
It wasn't until 1889, funding was raised to rebuild the library. The one-room school house was in need of books and the townsfolk wanted to give their youth the best chance they could at education.
After the boom of population and businesses, the library was moved from beside the school and placed across the street from the Town Hall. Two years ago, the library finally got a technological upgrade. Internet, computers, and e-books were added.
Finding a librarian to work in a smaller country town library for below the average salary has been a struggle. This year, the Public Library has it's first paid Librarian in over 15 years; Everly Vidarr-Kensley.
From children's story times to tech tutors for senior citizens; the library is a hub for more than just books. Come in today to sign up for a free library card. (Please bring ID and proof of address, and if under 16; a parent or guardian.)


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