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311 Rosemary lane

A beautiful large two story L-shaped Georgian style home that greets you with a cozy covered entrance. As you enter inside by the double doors you are greeted by stairs leading up to the second floor. The side of the stairs has built in book shelves and space to hang items and cubby holes to slip your shoes in or perhaps place decorative pieces.

On the first floor you have a large open room on one side, which makes for a great living room. It leads into two other spaces by beautiful wooden double doors.
This area could very well be your next dining and kitchen area. Through the middle area you also have another set of double doors that connect you to the other side of the home. It wraps up beautifully so that you emerge again at the front.
When you're back at the front, you have an open door that leads to the next part of the house where to the immediate right is a door that takes you outside. Next door is another large room that could serve as another family room or bedroom. Opposite of this room is another large room that has a circular set of windows. I envision this as a perfect master bedroom. The possibilities of how to use each room is really up to you. You need another bedroom, sitting room or perhaps a home office. Make it yours. The upstairs leads to two large rooms with one leading into a small wide room that has double doors leading outside to a balcony.

This home is large enough for endless possibilities.

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