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gg - Isabella Singh

The Garden Grille
Garden Grille is a Family friendly restaurant located on the water front of Fox Hollow, North Carolina. From fresh seafood, to handcrafted pizzas, Artisan burgers and much more, we hope that you’ll enjoy our delicious meals, snacks, and drinks. We always use the freshest ingredients and source from local farms located right here in Fox Hollow. We also offer options for all different folks. Whether you’re Kosher, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or you just want to eat a little healthier, Garden Grille just may become your new favorite spot!
108 Riverwalk Terrace, Fox Hollow, NC 28810
NorPhone: n/a
Owner: Isabella Singh

User Eats Food Delivery
Part of the popular User Eats delivery network. We bring food from your favorite restaurants to you, no matter where you are!
NorPhone: n/a
Driver: Becca Height

Batcave Drinks Welcome - Heather B

The Batcave
Superheroes and Villains alike have landed at Fox Hollow’s very own comic book-themed bar & grill. Hang out in the comfort of what locals have dubbed “the cave” for a specialty themed libation of your choice and grab a bite to eat from the small fares offered. Daily drink specials, themed events, and welcoming staff makes this neighborhood bar the place to be. Stop in for a drink, stay for the fun!
605 Crowley Dr, Forgotten Sea
NorPhone: n/a
Owner: Haleigh Rae Moore