Position Title

Deputy Sheriff


Under the supervision and authority of the Jasper County Sheriff, a (Sworn) Deputy Sheriff exercises responsibilities for the enforcement of state and local laws relating to public safety and welfare and exercises independent judgment in dealing with dangerous or unusual situations.
Specific Duties and Responsibilities:
-Patrols an assigned district in a patrol car on assignment for the purpose of observing the area for possible criminal activity or other conditions that could endanger public safety, investigating complaints, and enforcing laws; maintains high visibility.
-Investigates crimes, interviews witnesses, complainants, and victims; and gathers physical evidence and preserves for court; conducts follow up investigations as needed.
-Enforces all felony and misdemeanor laws of North Carolina.
-Apprehends, arrests and detains criminal suspects and law violators when necessary; follows proper procedures when making arrests.
-Serves warrants, summonses, subpoenas, civil and other official papers.
-Serves as witness in court and provides evidence in court as required.
-Assists motorists in various situations as needed.
-Maintains weapons and equipment in functional and presentable condition.
-Works under stressful, high risk conditions.
-Performs special projects as directed by the Sheriff.
-Attends required periodic training sessions and seminars; participates in required physical fitness activities.
-Maintains required level of proficiency in the use of firearms, and evasive action/driving skills.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • 21 Years of Age(In Character)
  • High School or General Equivalent Diploma
  • Previous credible history with working with a sheriff’s department or college degree
  • Pass all applicable background checks
  • Pass and maintain physical agility standards((Maintain high roleplay and professional standards))

Hiring Agency
Jasper County Sheriff’s Office
Employment Type

Full Time and Part Time

Starting Pay IC


Date Posted