Commodities & Retail

Screenshot_16 - Chey Ruegger

The Gothic Unicorn
House decor and clothing for teens/adults.
600 Crowley Drive, Fox Hollow, NC 28810
NorPhone: n/a
Owner: Chey Python-Barton

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Highland Armories & Surplus
Highland Armories & Surplus is your premier local source for firearms, ammunition, and surplus preparedness equipment sales! We also offer weapon repairs and modifications, and firearms training and instruction at our indoor shooting range.
212 Bear Valley Road, Juniper Mountain, NC 28810
NorPhone: (478)762-4YOU
Owner: Anthony Belotti

Just Rosey Pet Store - Eliza Fontaine

Just Rosey Pet Store
Just Rosey Pet Store is a business where we have supplies for every pet, horses corner is supplied with all of your horses needs. We have exotic pets, to a few reptiles. Come on down to get your pet needs.
205 Bear Valley Road, Juniper Mountain, NC 28810
NorPhone: n/a
Owner: Valeria Fontaine

Little-Things - Rebecca Stewart

Little Thing
We have that little, or big thing that will make your house stand out, and give it a little pop. Come in and find that little thing that will make all the difference. .
203 Bear Valley Road, Juniper Mountain, NC 28810
NorPhone: n/a
Owner: Serenity


Lock & Load Gun Store
Lock and Load is Jasper County’s best spot for firearms! We buy, sell and trade guns, and stock tons of ammunition and hunting supplies.
207 Bear Valley Road, Juniper Mountain, NC 28810
NorPhone: (478)739-7397
Owner: Val Takeda

art gallery name - Heather Hardy

Crowley Art Gallery
The Crowley Art Gallery creates transformative experiences through art, “for the benefit of all the people forever.” The Art Gallery offers dynamic experiences that illuminate the power and enduring relevance of art in today’s global society. The museum builds, preserves, studies, and shares its outstanding collections of art from all periods and parts of the world, generating new knowledge and understanding, while serving as a social and intellectual hub for its community.Looking to get lost for a moment? Perhaps just to take a break from the hustle and bustle of your day? Come to the Crowley Art Gallery and get lost in the beautiful art and creations we have on display for your sensory pleasure. If you are an artist or creator (arts, cars, fashion, houses, etc..,) contact us today so we can feature your work as our Artist of the Month.
201 Forrest Ave, Moonlight Ridge, Fox Hollow 28810
NorPhone: n/a
Owner: Heather Crowley