Hickory Creek Motel
Fine rooms at a cheap price!
620 Hickory Creek Rd, Fox Hollow, NC, 28810
NorPhone: n/a


Rein Resort
Looking for a hotel room in Fox Hollow with a view and five-star opulence? Look no farther!
164 Riverwalk Terrace, Fox Hollow, NC 28810
NorPhone: n/a

The Grand Ascalon Hotel
Description Coming Soon
5000 8th Street, Port Dominion, NC 28810

Reign Resort
The Reign Resort is a modern, elegant 4-star hotel overlooking Smokey Mountain River perfect for a romantic, charming vacation in Fox Hollow, North Carolina. The rooms at the Reign Resort are newly renovated, well-lit and inviting for our guests to make their home away from home. Our reception staff will be happy to help you during your stay in Fox Hollow. They are trained to perfection, offering itineraries and guidance about what’s available for your entertainment during your stay.
164 Riverfront Terrace, Fox Hollow, NC, 28810