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Fox Hollow Animal Clinic/Jasper County Humane Society
Fox Hollow Animal Clinic is the ideal place to examine, diagnose, and treat the pets, livestock, and wildlife we love. FHAC also serves as a clinic for the furries of our community! For the strays of Fox Hollow, the newly-opened Jasper County Humane Society is fully outfitted to tend to ailments and rehabilitate for adoption.
2021 Rein Lane, Fox Hollow, NC 28810
NorPhone: (478)420-3422
Owner/Director: Dr. Lyca Martingale-Beretta


Fox Hollow Free Clinic
The Fox Hollow Free Clinic is a small but convenient medical office run by Dr. Tanner Payne. It’s conveniently located in the Meandering Brook neighborhood of Fox Hollow and provides routine checkups, vaccines and common non-emergency treatments. Dr. Payne is also a physician at the Magnolia Springs Medical Center so you can expect topnotch medical services for all of your medical needs.
206 Bear Valley Road, Juniper Mountain, NC 28810
NorPhone: n/a
Owner: Dr. Tanner Payne, MD

Difference Dentistry
Achieve and maintain optimum oral health with regular visits to an experienced dentist. Difference Dentistry provides the residents of Fox Hollow and surrounding areas with complete general and cosmetic dentistry procedures. From preventative care and orthodontics, to all the way to specialized oral surgeries, we make it a point to promote dental health in every way. Come join us for the greatest dental care in the city!
599 Crowley Drive, Fox Hollow, NC 28810
NorPhone: (478)420-3422
Owner/Director: Dr. Matt Difference