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Meet Port Dominion

After months of work we are proud to announce our latest and by far largest expansion project to Fox Hollow: Meet the City of Port Dominion.

A truly new experience

Four New Regions

You heard that right. The Port Dominion Expansion will be bringing four new, urban-themed sims to Fox Hollow, bringing us to 16 total regions to make us one of the largest roleplay communities on Second Life. One sim is mostly water, too!

Over fifty more urban rentals

Port Dominion brings with it over 50 new, urban rentals. From expensive downtown townhouses, to shady apartments, to questionable warehouses for seedy business deals we have you covered!

A whole new city to explore

That’s right. Port Dominion is a city. Not a town claiming to be a city; you’ll see skyscrapers and one way streets here.


Endless new roleplay opportunities

Taking feedback from what people currently don’t have in Fox Hollow, this expansion is meant to offer a more grunge, urban roleplay aesthetic for those who desire it. We can proudly offer Fox Hollow as the end-all for modern roleplay sims; with sixteen regions ranging from rural country to downtown in a city.



A city with character.

Port Dominion has existed for a decade, first as a part of the Briggs County roleplay sim in the early 2010s. We are extremely excited to bring this historical city to life with a new, creative vision.

Meet Sam

Samuel Portocarrero is the founder and owner of The City of Port Dominion. Sam has been involved in development inside of Second Life for over 16 years, using his real-life background in architecture to work with a range of corporate clients and players to develop environments for all to enjoy. As an avid role-player and builder, he started Port Dominion as a labor of love, a city that has a storied past almost as old as Sam himself.

In-Character you will find Sam as owner of the “Portocarrero Group”, a large company with a healthy portfolio of brands ranging from construction to transportation. He currently lives a quiet life in Port Dominion, tending to the daily drama and operations of his company.

New Roleplay Opportunities

Port Dominion brings with it multiple new pieces of infrastructure, grunge locations, urban noire, and much more to enhance your roleplay opportunities in Fox Hollow.

Metro Police

Joining the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office will be the Port Dominion Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). This police force will focus on protecting the City of Port Dominion while the sheriff’s office focuses on greater Fox Hollow. Metro Police officers will work to keep the city safe.

Take to the Skies

We’ll proudly be opening the Port Dominion International Airport (ICAO: KPDI) to the public. With 16 regions, Fox Hollow will be in a unique position to be the only major modern roleplay sim to offer private and commercial pilot’s licensing with possibilities for news choppers, police and medevac helicopters, tour flights, and even limited commercial flights. Most competitors still ban flight outright.

Industrial Areas

Through the Port of Dominion and surrounding industrial areas, we’ll be proud to offer places for both criminal and business roleplay to take place.

Head Downtown

Port Dominion features a bustling urban downtown area with skyscrapers, retail outlets, commercial rentals and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What will the sims be rated?
A: The sims will be rated Moderate like the other FH sims. This allows for violence and most types of roleplay you’re used to, while keeping us available to a larger audience.

Q: What rentals will be available?

A: It’s hard to give an exact number before the sims land – a lot can change at the last minute, but expect apartments, a few larger homes, a lot of middle or lower class housing (Think post-war neighborhoods), downtown commercial, and plenty of industrial.

Q: The airport is cool, but can’t letting people fly be abused?
A: Pilot’s licenses will be strictly controlled with a required “Check-ride” to verify pilot competency and familiarity with the rules, which will include minding private parcels. People will not be allowed to just rez a plane and fly and it’ll be a lot more controlled than driver’s licenses.

Q: How do you plan on balancing family life in Fox Hollow with the more urban, grunge ideals for Port Dominion?
A: Physical separation does wonders. A family of 4 in Fox Hollow can very easily avoid the more run-down areas of Port Dominion, and vice versa. The school will stay in Foxwood.

Q: How is this going to connect?
A: The current plan, which is subject to change, will move Falling Stars to be immediately west of the state park. Falling Stars will be redeveloped into more state park with a highway connecting it to Port Dominion. The entrance to Port Dominion will be via a highway tunnel under the airport. The hospital, which is currently on Falling Stars, is being moved into Port Dominion. This is subject to change.

Q: I can’t drive well around Fox Hollow, how will I be able to navigate 16 sims?
A:We’re working on public transit options. Boating will also be a viable method of travel between the two cities under the current plan.

Q: How will government work?
A: There will be a county council that oversees county ordinances and laws. Fox Hollow and Port Dominion will both have their own mayors, with 3 independent councilmen/women. More on this to come.

Q: Any new companies, agencies, etc to RP with?
A: Currently there’s a company (Lyncheborne Industries), an airline (AmFlag Airways), and the Jasper County Port Authority which’ll oversee the airport, tunnel, sea port and public transportation. Expect more on these later.

Q: Sea port? Isn’t Jasper County inland?
A: Well, yes, smarty pants, this’ll be clarified later. For now, just imagine it’s a rather large inland bay.

Q: Street crime?
A: Yes, part of the goal with Port Dominion is to allow a more natural place for people interested in street crime or organized crime to roleplay without drastically affecting other roleplay groups.

Q: Are you interested in business partnerships?
A: Most definitively. If you think your business can offer something to Port Dominion and want a special arrangement discussed, contact any manager, or Sam directly.

Q: What about house-swapping?
A: Port Dominion will be more strict on house-swapping than other Fox Hollow sims to allow for the aesthetic the sims want to achieve.