Evergarden Equestrian

Over 50 Stall Rentals

Evergarden Equestrian brings a far larger Stable than Fox Hollow has currently, bringing over 50 Stalls available with and without paddocks.

Equestrian Events and Classes

Evergarden Equestrian is bringing a highly experienced team of staff that run regular jumping, dressage, and more events and classes than you could ever imagine.

Dozens of new roleplay opportunities

Lots of new roleplay is there for the taking, taking feedback from our surveys. This expansion further establishes Fox Hollow as the end all community for modern roleplay with over 19 regions ranging from rural country to downtown in the city.

Trails and Businesses

With Evergarden’s Arrival, Fox Hollow is introducing over a dozen new ready to rent Equestrian Related businesses.

Meet Witchie and Keira

Witchie (elaine.evergarden)

Founder, Co-Owner, Evergarden Equestrian

Keira Lewellen

Co-Owner, Evergarden Equestrian

Keira Lewellen has had a lifelong love of horses and equestrian sports. Her real life equestrian background is in Dressage, in which she has trained for several years. Keira has been an SL resident since 2005 originally, and discovered horses in world soon after landing here. During her travels on the grid, she discovered her love for the virtual version of Dressage, and has researched, competed and coached the discipline for nearly 7 years. She is currently the co-owner and Head Dressage Coach at Evergarden Equestrian, where she shares the sport she loves with her students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will the region be rated?

A: The region will be rated Moderate like the other FH regions. This allows for violence, crime, and most types of roleplay you’re used to, while keeping us available to a larger audience.

Q: What rentals will be available? How do I rent?

A: The only rentals in the Evergarden region will be stall rentals. Fox Hollow will not manage the rentals in THIS region. Evergarden will be in charge of all stall rentals in the Equestrian Center.

Q: How is this going to connect?
A: The current plan, which is subject to change, will add the new region to the north of Aranea(Above it on the World Map). This is subject to change.

Q: Are you interested in business partnerships?
A: Most definitively. If you think your business can offer something to Fox Hollow, weather it be Port Dominion or Fox Hollow, or Evergarden in Juniper Mountain and want a special arrangement discussed, contact Fox Hollow’s General Manager, Jacob Fear(dark.nebula).

Q: Can I visit yet before it’s open?

A: No, Once the Region is placed by LL, it will be access list only until building is completed, as done with all new Fox Hollow Regions. If you continually try to enter the region, you will be sent home as that will cause large load on the server. You may visit EE at it’s current location.