Foxwood Academy

Mission Statement

Foxwood Academy provides a rigorous and well-rounded elementary preparatory education within a nurturing 10 region community. Through a commitment to excellence in academics and arts, the school’s program and its faculty encourage creativity and discovery. Above all, the school emphasizes honor, integrity, and character while inspiring its students to enrich their families, communities, and friends. With doors and hearts open to all, Foxwood Academy is ready to mold the minds of tomorrow through its immersive and interactive curriculum.

Our Roots

In 1953, Miss Gertrude “Gurtie” Caldwell organized a society to start an education system that catered to the local rural children, ultimately founding Foxwood Academy.  Foxwood started its mission with a handful of elementary cases in a one-room schoolhouse on Foxwood Avenue, the street from which it takes its name. Never having children of her own, Miss Caldwell spent her time caring and looking after the needs of those that lived the town.  The school’s rigorous preparatory curriculum and successful alumni rapidly became the pride of the community.

Since those early days, the school maintained high academic standards in all curricula. Foxwood students learn by absorbing knowledge through the use of their senses, not just by writing on a worksheet, creating a solid foundation. After 50 years of success, Foxwood relocated to a spacious campus on Robin Circle, Fox Hollow. A strategic planning process was implemented by a steering committee of teachers, administrators, trustees, and students to stay on the path for continued growth and development.